The two kinds of posts…

There are two kinds of posts for each of our days in Seoul…a stripped-down highlights version, and a version where we drag out almost every photo we took that day in some attempt to remember it all.  The short ones will probably skip over too much, but the long ones will very long.

The long ones are going to act as memory aids for us, but if you’re curious about all the details, by all means jump on in. Everyone’s welcome to see what we ate each day, what the subways looked like, and the entertaining names of haircare products provided to us by our hotel. Personally, for me it’s all in the details (like the National Museum piece over there), but the highlights version will also contain some of that and give you an idea of how great Seoul is/was.

Oh, and by the way…one week wasn’t nearly enough time to see Seoul (much less South Korea), and yes, Seoul is a fantastic place to visit. Definitely one of my favorite vacations/countries/destinations so far in life, and it doesn’t hurt that the food was rock-your-world spectacular, that nearly every person (!) we met was kind, and that the sights were incredible. Can’t wait to go back.


~ by themagpiesnest on September 17, 2008.

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