[Short] Day Three

We woke up early to meet Mr. C, a very kind man who agreed to interpret for us on the days we met with E and her foster family. He met us in downtown Seoul and we took the metro/bus system toward the orphanage.

When we arrived an hour early, he suggested taking a taxi to the 4-19 Memorial. It’s a park, temple, and cemetery for the hundreds of students killed in the protests against the corrupt 1960 elections. It’s tucked into the side of Bukhansan Park, and the setting is very beautiful.

After our visit to the memorial, we spent the next couple of hours at the orphanage. We’ll keep our time there private, but it was a very memorable, happy couple of hours. The staff we met were so kind, K’s foster mom was wonderful to meet, and K turned out to have every bit of the delightful personality we’d hoped she’d have.

We said goodbye to Mr. C. (he’d meet us again when we visited K’s foster family’s home), then went back to our hotel and Insadong. It was our afternoon for exploring and shopping. We went to a local restaurant and ordered our first (fabulous!) meal on our own, then went out shopping for prints and celadon in the local galleries. Insadong is full of galleries, craft shops, tea shops, and restaurants…there’s too much to explore in one day, but we had a great time seeing what we did!

We tried to visit Tapgol Park (it’s very near Insadong), but it was closed.

After a little more time exploring the shops of Insadong, we settled in for the evening at Sanchon, a restaurant that serves Buddhist temple food and has traditional dance performances. The menu is a 20-course meal, and even though we started out with great enthusiasm, we soon discovered temple food wasn’t our cup of tea. The dancing was fascinating and lovely, though, and we’re glad we had the chance to see it.

We had a little time to wander, and we made our way back to Jogyesa. We wanted to hear the sounds of evening prayers again, and we wanted a quiet place to sit and talk about meeting K.

That’s it! Our third day in Seoul.


~ by themagpiesnest on June 23, 2008.

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