[Short] Day One

I think I can do the short version of this day in just a few photos. Here we are in Minneapolis, just starting out on 1 12-hour flight to Tokyo. With airport time and layovers included, we were at the beginning of a 24 straight hours of travel.

The flight to Tokyo was nice in a way, because we sat next to an artist named Ric, who does this for a living. Kinda cool to spend 10 hours talking with a guy who just painted the largest sky mural in the world. He was on his way back to Asia to do some humanitarian work. I haven’t had a chance to really look through his website, but if he has photos posted they’re worth a look. He showed us a few of his collections and they were beautiful.

This is flying into Norita airport near Tokyo, by the way…

Our short time in Tokyo was spent looking for anything that felt particularly Japanese. The airport was busy, but eerily quiet. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more quiet (bustling) public building before. We found strange snacks, funny candies, a paranoia of imported US beef jerky, a flavored oxygen bar, and a gift shop that seemed to also be an origami display museum of some sort. To the left is a series of origami cranes, and yes–there really is a teeny tiny folded crane at the tip of that needle.

This is just before landing in Seoul. It was around 9pm in Seoul, but 7am our time. We’d just stayed up all night on an NWA flight with no in-seat movie screens, where the best entertainment (other than Ric) was Horton Hears a Who.

We landed at Incheon, ran around like maniacs trying to find a rental mobile phone before the stores closed (victory!), caught one of the last buses driving into town, and (when the bus route closed due to student protests) caught a cab to our hotel. Hotel the Sun Bee. Amazing place.

House slippers greeted us at our door. After checking out everything that made our room uniquely Korean (see the longer post), we drank down a half an Ambien with our UV-sterilized water glasses and were out for the night around midnight.


~ by themagpiesnest on June 21, 2008.

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